About Us

Welcome to Koly’s Dog Treats!  I’m Tanya and this beautiful girl is Koly. 


Our Story

Koly was my heart dog.  While I only had this gorgeous girl in my life for just under 5 years, we achieved so much together.  Koly was obese when she came into my care and lost a whopping 15.4kg!  She was also my first Labrador, my first agility dog travelling across NSW to compete with me most weekends, and she was also a Delta Therapy dog where we would visit our assigned nursing home once a fortnight to show some love to the residents. 

To cut a long story short, Koly unexpectedly became ill in June 2014.  The universe was at play, as I already had scheduled leave for the next two weeks.  Koly would not let me out of her sight and so we basically hung out on our lounge room floor for the next two weeks, back and forth from the vets to try to figure out what was going on. 

On my first day back to work 16 days later, she drastically went downhill and it was the following day, after a night at the emergency vets, many more tests and specialist confirmation, we had no choice but to give my angel her wings.  She had a 17cm tumour in her stomach, and it had burst the day before which caused her rapid sudden decline.  There was no way she could come back from this, as the vet explained, that cancerous cells were spreading through her body due to the internal bleeding.  I was super worried about how I would know, if and when the time was right, but you know what?  You just know.  And you can’t ever fully understand this until it’s time.  But what they say is right, when it was time, my gorgeous girl let me know.  My girl gained her wings on Friday, 11 July 2014.

She is now an angel at Rainbow Bridge and Koly’s Dog Treats is her legacy that lives on.  I have always wanted to work for myself and in the dog industry, I just never knew how or what I would do.  With the universe still at play, several incidences and conversations later, it was clear to me that this is what I was meant to do.  On 27 July 2014 Koly's Dog Treats was formed!  Koly’s death was absolutely devastating and I would have her back in a heartbeat, but she has given me this opportunity to always have her with me and for that I am so grateful.


A little about our products...

All of our treats are 100% Australian or New Zealand.  With the odd exception, our treats are Single Ingredient, Chemical Free and All Natural and that's just the way we like it.  

Your pet's health and well being is our number one priority, so we work hard to only source products which fit our strict criteria:  AUS/NZ produced and made, single ingredient, chemical free, all natural, and beneficial for your pet's health and well being.  They also need to be by-products i.e. the bits of the animal which us humans do not eat and which would normally be waste.

Our treats are also available here because they have a purpose, such as aid in teeth cleaning and reducing bad breath, stimulating your dog, providing acceptable chew treat options for those dogs who love to have a good chew and which won't be demolished in under 60 seconds, to aid in reducing joint health problems, low fat options for those who suffer from medical and dietary requirements, for example.

Thank you for your time, your support is greatly appreciated!

Tanya & Koly