Phoenix heals with Man's Best Friend Soap

Phoenix heals with Man's Best Friend Soap

Posted by Tanya Selby, Koly's Dog Treats on 13th Jun 2017


This is Phoenix - before & after her very painful allergy/rash! The vets still don't know what it was caused from & prescribed medications did little to alleviate or help mend this beautiful girls obvious pain & discomfort.

Phoenix heals with Man's Best Friend Soap

Her Mum Hayley brought her to the Richmond Good Food Market on 20 May 2017 just for an outing. Another stall holder recommended Hayley to come & see me about the Man's Best Friend Soap. You could see from the way that Phoenix was walking that she was very uncomfortable & my heart broke for her, as did Hayley's. This allergy/rash came out of nowhere & Phoenix has never had anything like it in the past.

Today (13 June 2017) Hayley dropped in to see me with Phoenix to show me how remarkably Phoenix has recovered from the use of the Man's Best Friend Soap. WOW!!!

Hayley said that this was the only product that Phoenix actually did not run away from & let her apply it. Hayley used this soap every 2 days at first & even after the first use Hayley noticed a difference. Phoenix was also starting to lick her legs/tummy/wounds again whereas she previously was in too much pain to do so. Her knees where skin was cracked, healed up quickly too. The whole area of the rash then began drying out & the skin peeling off!

Today I got to see Phoenix again for myself & other than a light pinkness to her belly & legs, her skin is silky smooth again with no pain or discomfort in sight!

I know how amazing this soap is but to see such amazing results like this first-hand again, just really warms my heart.

Thank you so much Hayley for trusting in me & Man's Best Friend Soap, & also for allowing me to share Phoenix's story!

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