Bully Sticks

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Our bully sticks are 100% natural, Australian, dried, single ingredient, chemical free. 

We now have large bully sticks too!  These are 30cm in length & are also thick, like our 12cm bully sticks usually are.  These are only sold individually, to keep the pricing down for our customers.  My Labrador gets approx. 40 mins out of one of these large bully sticks!  Unless cut up, I don't recommend these for little dogs, as it will be too much food content in their little bellies, if they chew through the whole piece in one sitting.

Small Bully Sticks - each bully stick is approx 12cm in length & are thick, as opposed to thin.  These treats are great as a long lasting chew & suitable for dogs who love to chew!  For example, my Labrador only takes 60 seconds to devour a pigs ear, but with these Bully Sticks she will get at least 10 minutes out of just one.  This may not sound like long to you, but if you have a big chewer, you will know that this is a long time!  For smaller dogs, these are still great and they will obviously get much longer out of a bully stick than a large dog.  Store in a cool dry place & they will keep for months.