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All of our treats are 100% Australian or New Zealand.  With the odd exception, our treats are Single Ingredient, Chemical Free & All Natural & that's just the way we like it.  Your pet's health & well being is our number one priority so we work hard to only source products which fit into our strict criteria, being AUS/NZ produce, made in AUS/NZ, single ingredient, chemical free, all natural, beneficial for your pet's health & well being, and which are products that reduce the waste of unwanted meat products which are not consumed by us humans, instead of culling animals purely for the benefit of pet treats.  

We have an extensive range & our treats are also available here because they have purpose, such as aid in teeth cleaning & reducing bad breath, stimulating your dog, providing acceptable chew treat options for those who love to have a good chew & which won't be demolished in under 60 seconds, to aid in reducing joint health problems that your pet may have, low fat options for dogs who suffer from medical & dietary requirements, for example.

Do you have an itchy dog?  You need to check out our soap for pets, it is hugely successful & has helped so many pets to date from flea issues, paw gnawing, skin allergies, fly bite, to loss of coat which has regrown due to the use of this soap.  It is definitely worth checking it out to learn more about it.  You will find this under Soap for Pets in the menu to your left.

If you have any questions at all about or products, please do not hesitate to ask via our Contact Us page.  

Thank you for time & happy shopping!