Soap for Pets

This soap is amazing!!  100% homemade, handmade & ALL NATURAL!!  Suitable for ALL PETS!!

Helps your pet with:

Fleas / Ticks / Fly bites / Mosquitoes / Grass Mites / Paw gnawing / Scratching / Eczema / Dry skin / Dandruff / Bad odour / Lick sores

You name it, this soap can help with it!!

Ingredients:  tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, pine, patchouli, sunflower, olive, castor & coconut oils

You need to try this soap to believe it!!

Not only will the coat feel softer & stronger, the soap will help soothe & contain most skin irritations.  Will also keep little pests like like fleas, biting insects & ticks away too!  He really will be your best friend after a doggy bath with this bar.

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